Fire Fogging System high pressure water misting system

Fire Fogging System high pressure water misting system. There is two of these units that are a full transferable module that will fit in the back of most 4x4 vehicles. It has a 200 ltr water tank with a three lances. The hose reel has a 15 ltr/min water feed. There is a second delivery for an alternative 30 l/m delivery. The small one is for foam delivery using the filtered pick up. The second is the ground lance that drills its own hole. The Third is the main lance with two style delivery. pull & hold the trigger and the top setting will be used. Invert the lance and pull & hold the trigger and the second delivery spray pattern will be used until the trigger is released. If the top is not the preferred main option rotate the nozzle in the branch 180* The pump and hose reel are on a slider so it can move out of the vehicle body for cooling when running. There is stowage for additional fuel and it comes with two backpack water sprayers and water lifting hose. Please contact us if you want more details or wish to visit to inspect this or any other vehicle by calling us on 01376 576970 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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