Around the world Fire Appliances have many different names (other than Dennis), some will know them as Fire Engines, Type B pumps, Rescue Pumps, Rescue Tenders, Pump Ladders and Fire Trucks to name a few. We don't mind what you call them they are all made to do the same job, save lives. We aim to help them to continue to do this for many years at either UK industrial sites or overseas communities.

We are the Engineering section of EFA (Trading) Ltd (we also have a Fire fighter training section) and we work in partnership with Essex County Fire & Rescue (ECFRS) Fleet Workshops in Colchester, Essex, UK.

Here at the Essex County Fire & Rescue Service, Fleet Workshop (Reception 01376 576930) we:

  •     Sell, Hire and Maintain second life Fire Appliances and Fire equipment to a world market
  •     Repair & preventive maintenance of commercial vehicles & cars on a long term contractual or ad hoc basis
  •     Assist with the disposal of end of life Fire vehicles and equipment
  •     MOT testing station for class 4, 5 light & 7
  •     Vehicle air conditioning servicing
  •     Vehicle accident repairs with oven spray shop
  •     Refurbish Fire Appliances and equipment to customers requirements
  •     Maintain and refurbish Godiva main water pumps

EFA (Trading) Limited is the commercial arm of the Essex Police Fire and Crime Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority and was formed in 2005 to comply with a change in legislation and followed many years of success as a Fire Authority trading account. Through Engineering Services and Training Services we promote fire safety to communities throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Since 2005, EFA (Trading) Ltd has contributed over £500,000 in donations to the ECFRS charitable fund, Essex Community Foundation and national charities. We are also supporting charities that benefit developing countries in Europe as well as assisting with the supply of Fire Appliances & Equipment to needy communities worldwide.

Beneficiaries include:

  •     Burned Children’s Club
  •     Streetwise – Life Safety Center in Dorset
  •     Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service – Community Safety scheme
  •     Donated over 3000 DVDs to support Travelling communities throughout the UK
  •     Essex Community Foundation
  •     Castlepoint Crossroads (via ECF)
  •     Essex Association of Boys Clubs (via ECF)
  •     Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (via ECF)
  •     Help the Aged (via ECF)
  •     The Sunday Club (via ECF)
  •     Signal4Sight (via ECF)
  •     TRUST (via ECF)
  •     Two educators for the School Fire Safety programme
  •     Training media to all Nursing homes in Essex
  •     Second life appliances to Albania and Bulgaria through the Reading Vineyard Church and Harvest Plus.

EFA (Trading) Ltd is Registered in England & Wales - Company Number 05351436 

Registered Address – Kelvedon Park, London Road, Rivenhall, Witham, Essex. CM8 3HB