scania fire appliance

Fire Appliances have been developed not just to deal with fire but to deal with many rescue situations, just because they come to the end of a working life for you does not mean that should be scrapped. With some loving care, most can continue to save lives for many years. This is where we can help in directing the Appliances to the right contacts, either in the UK or a worldwide market. Where industrial sites are looking to upgrade there vehicle, your old vehicle will have a trade-in value, we will then deal with the secure disposal of that vehicle.

Auction prices fluctuate widely and rarely return anything like the true market value of the appliance. Do not forget that the auctioneer will require payment for this heartache. You may or may not have concerns over the security aspects of disposal, we do, and consider it an important part of the disposal procedure (something you will not get at auction). We closely vet all our prospective customers and request testimonials or letters of reference for any buyers with whom we do not have a long term trading relationship.

We do not sell operational fire fighting vehicles to non fire related organisations other than bona fide collectors, museums or charities who wish to donate to third world fire brigades. In the latter case we would require tracking to confirm the appliance reaches its intended destination.

Over the years we have assisted many UK Fire Services with 'secure disposal' of end of life (UK Brigade level) vehicles and Equipment. If you have appliances for disposal and wish to realise optimum returns, please contact us. We are also able to provide leasing companies with end of lease inspection reports and valuations by qualified engineers.

A full list of vehicles for sale can be found in this link

Please contact us to discuss in confidence your requirements.